About Us

Visit our gallery and find how the artist paints an artwork. 

* Experienced artists:

All of our artists have a degree in Fine Arts and have at least five years of painting experience.

* High quality of materials:

Every masterpiece created by our artists is hand painted using the finest materials available. This ensures the longevity and preservative quality of your painting. We choose the best color and canvas from Taiwan, Japan, and England for paintings.
* The painting process:
- Step 1: Sketching on canvas.

All great paintings start with a sketch. That’s why when we begin a painting, we use charcoal or pencils to sketch the rough shapes and figures onto the canvas. This gives us an opportunity to focus on composition in the painting.
- Step 2: Painting the background color.

Starting with the larger brushes, we begin to apply paint to the canvas. Following the charcoal outline, we paint the basic shapes and colors, keeping the edges soft. We’ll paint the background, fill in the main subjects and not worry about small details. If you saw the painting at this stage, you may not recognize it.
- Step 3: Building the forms.

This is where we begin building forms of objects and play with color relationships. We paint in light and dark values of colors, building up or reducing the hue intensity to create depth. After each stage the paint needs to dry before we can move forward.
- Step 4: Adding textures.
We'll focus on the techniques or effects that the original artist used. By using different brush sizes and types, by utilizing different painting techniques, or by just using more or less paint on the brush, we can add the textures, character and unique features of the original painting. By knowing how to recreate an artist’s signature style our own skills and creativity get a chance to shine.
- Step 5: Adding details, cast, shadow and highlights.

By deftly adding color or shading to the painting, we can make sure that each object in the painting has the prominence that the original artist intended. We focus on color density, shadows, background and other elements of the painting.